Friday, January 27, 2012

BB Bought by Trevor Roberti and Rex Kuns

There is much excitement afoot, as Trevor Roberti, Broker of the Buyers' Brokerage, and Rex Kuns, long-time Exclusive Buyer Agent at The BB, have become the new and sole owners the The Buyers' Brokerage Inc, which operates as The Santa Cruz Buyers' Brokerage and the Monterey Buyers' Brokerage.

Trevor and Rex are high-level operatives in the world of exclusive buyer representation, and The BB could not be in better hands.

Call us today at (831) GET-HOME (438-4663) and find out why Exclusive Buyer Representation is the only way to buy real estate with 100% commitment from your agent, 100% of the time.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Agents Wanted!

If you know of any experienced agents or brokers who have a history of providing exceedingly good service to their real estate clients, please let them know that we have openings all along the coast, from San Francisco to Big Sur. If you are such a person and would like to talk about joining a team of outstanding real estate professionals, please write or call us today, at (831) GET-HOME (438-4663).

Our unique model of Exclusive Buyer Agency is attracting a lot of attention, and we're getting specific requests from real estate buyers all over central California, especially along the coast: SF, Half-Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Big Sur, and everywhere in between.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New BB Site Launches

We have been working on this for months, and now it's up and running.

Visit our new site here, and then let us know what you think.

In addition to our famous high-tech property search page, we have introduced a variety of real estate search options, including the ability for you to request your own custom search page. You send us your criteria, area, size, price, and so forth, and we put together a page for you that is constantly updated with the latest homes for sale that meet your criteria, along with market data, so that you can keep an eye on exactly what is taking place in your area of interest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Perfectionist Move

An article today at CNNMoney instructs buyers on "The Perfectionist Move" when buying real estate.

What is it?

Of course, it's "call an exclusive buyer's agent."

Here's an excerpt:

The perfectionist move? Call an exclusive buyer's agent (find one at This pro will do the legwork to find and show you homes that meet your criteria, plus negotiate the lowest price. It's true that he gets paid by the seller, not by you (he splits the commission with the listing agent). But he has a fiduciary duty to put your interests first. Because his reputation is at stake, he's unlikely to screw it up to get a few hundred bucks extra.

Needless to say, that's why we are here.

Our site has a selection of can't-miss articles on real estate and the home-buying process, as well as a huge list of quotes from financial experts of all kinds on why it's so important to rely on an exclusive buyer's agent when buying real estate of any kind.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trevor Roberti promoted to Broker

We are excited to announce that long-time BB broker-associate Trevor Roberti has been promoted to Broker of The Buyers' Brokerage, including the Santa Cruz Buyers' Brokerage and the Monterey Buyers' Brokerage.

Trevor left his own real estate company (Roberti Real Estate) to come work with us as an Exclusive Buyer Agent quite some time ago, and he has consistently demonstrated a propensity to go above and beyond for clients of all types. His business has included first-time home-buyers, move-up buyers, VA buyers, and seasoned investors, and he has worked with buyers located thousands of miles away and with properties ranging 5 counties. All of his clients give him rave reviews, and so do we, as his co-workers. His attention to detail and organizational skills are unsurpassed, and the Brokerage and all of its clients are going to benefit by his new level of involvement.

Call him at (831) 706-5354, or email him at

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Cruz is one of the 10 most festive places in the US

From AOL Travel: Santa Cruz is one of the 10 most festive places in the US....

9. Santa Cruz, California

The west coast may not have snow, but that doesn't mean California is devoid of holiday cheer. The palm trees along the main avenue and boardwalk in the funky seaside town of Santa Cruz are decked out in a glittering holiday display. On weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Santa arrives by train to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Visitors can hop on an old locomotive run by Roaring Camp Railroads that rolls along the beach, through Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, across a 1909 steel truss bridge, and through a tunnel while Santa and Mrs. Claus make their way from car to car.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First-time Home-Buyer Tax Credit Issues

A few points about the first-time home-buyer tax credit from our friends at NAEBA.  

No Electronic Filing for Home Buyers Claiming Home Buyer Tax Credit
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) offers tips from IRS on filing for Home Buyer Tax Credit

AVONDALE, AZ April 15, 2010 – Electronic filing takes some of the stress out of tax day, but this year homeowners may be surprised to learn that if they are claiming the Home Buyer Tax Credit e-filing is not an option. Home buying experts, The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) is urging homeowners to carefully review and follow the IRS guidelines to file for the credit, which include the requirement to print and mail a paper return.

“NAEBA exclusively represents buyers in real estate transactions and our advocacy does not end when the purchase is finalized. We advise home buyers on all the issues involved in a home purchase. Tax season can be stressful and confusing and we want to ease that burden by passing on information that is important to the market we serve,” says Benjamin Clark, 2010 President of NAEBA.

To qualify for the Home Buyer Tax Credit you must buy or enter into a binding contract to buy a principal residence on or before April 30, 2010 in the United States, and you must close on the home on or before June 30, 2010. According to the IRS the following steps must be taken to claim the credit:

File a Paper Return. You cannot e-file but must file a paper return and attach Form 5405, First-Time Homebuyer Credit and Repayment of the Credit with additional documents to verify the purchase. You can digitally prepare your taxes using tax websites or software but must print and mail your return to the IRS with all required documentation.

Deadlines and Documents. If you enter into a binding contract before May 1, 2010 to purchase a home before July 1, 2010 and are claiming the credit, attach a copy of the pages from the signed binding contract that show all parties’ names and signatures, the purchase price, date of contract and the property address.

Settlement Documents. New homebuyers must attach a copy of a properly executed settlement statement, which will generally include property address, all parties’ names and signatures, sales price and date of purchase. Forms can vary by location and may not include both buyer and seller signatures. If your form does not require signatures on the settlement document, the IRS encourages buyers to sign the settlement statement when filing their tax return even if the form does not include a signature line.

Newly Constructed Homes. If you purchased a newly constructed home, where a settlement statement is not available, you must attach a copy of the certificate of occupancy showing the owners’ name(s), property address and date of the certificate.

Mobile Home Purchases. If you purchased a mobile home and are unable to obtain a settlement statement, attach a copy of the executed retail sales contract. The contract should have all parties’ names and signature, date of purchase, property address and purchase price.

Long-time Residents. For long-time resident homebuyers claiming the tax credit, the IRS recommends attaching documentation that covers the five-consecutive-year period. This may include documents such as Form 1098, Mortgage Interest Statement or substitute mortgage interest statements, property tax records or homeowner insurance records.

Homebuyers can find more information about the Home Buyer Tax credit on the IRS website at and can locate home buying resources and an Exclusive Buyer Agent at

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